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You must have heard the statement “Email marketing is dead” or “email copywriters are dead” hence, it poses the question of what is the essence of email copywriter to sales?

With social media tools at disposal for various digital and content marketing activities, one would be a puzzle and filled with doubts that Email copywriters days are over.

Except that the data we have do not support or agrees with our conclusions. Here is a quick one:

  • According to Pew Research, nine out of every ten person uses Email. Also, according to this same body, six out of this number send and check their Email daily.
  • Radicati group also shows that of the seven billion people on the face of the earth, more than half uses Email, and it projects the figure to reach 4.3 billion come 2023.
  • Apart from these, there are three folds more email account than Facebook and Twitter
  • And you could get a six-fold click through from an email than on Twitter (campaign Monitor)
  • Close to 60% of marketers say Email is the best source of ROI (Emma)
  • For every one dollar spent you get $44 in return with email Marketing (campaign Monitor)

In order not to bore you with stats, let dive deeper into why email copywriters are the sales engineer.

Email copywriting is the art and sciences of writing a persuasive copy that converts a prospect to a customer and then to a recurring customer with email copy — it includes Newsletter, transactional emails, a promotional campaign, etc.

A person who specializes in writing this form of copy is called an–Email copywriter.

A Better Conversion Rate

One outstanding function of Email copywriters is the way they write compelling email copy that converts. Arguably, Email has got a better outreach than a social network, but that begs the question; does it convert better?

Well, it does.


Mckinsey has it that Email covert 40X mores lead of customers better than Facebook and Twitter would do. Also, an Email copywriter could get you to purchase for every one-third of people that subscribed to your Newsletter (eMarketer).

Direct Access to Consumers

Email copywriter increases your sales by speaking the language of your audience through their inbox. Impressive 45% of customers find other platform ads irritating (Adweek). While Hubspot conducted a study that reveals that 86% of the consumer are cool with email marketing ads than social media ads.

An email copywriter writes compelling and engaging copy that moves your customer from one point to another through the sale funnel until it converts. Hence, it also serves as a proper channel for ads as most customers expect such.

Conveys the Right Message to Your Audience

Another way through which Email copywriters engineer sales is that they help businesses and clients get their unique voice. Customers and prospects like to buy from a brand that speaks to them directly.

An email copywriter helps research who your customers are, know their pain points, and craft a brand voice that positions your brand as the solution to their pain points. This not only increases your sales but also helps foster a strong bond of trust and loyalty between you and your customers.

Personalized Message Converts Better

Making sales can seem less difficult when you talk to your targeted audience in a more friendly way. So, the work of an Email copywriter comes handy. A well-crafted Email copy focused on a particular customer converts well.

Little wonder that seven out of every ten people will buy from you if you could address them by name (Accenture). Also, the same body mentioned that over eight people out of ten is ready to share their data with you to get a personalized experience.

Wrap Up

We can deduce the essence of email copywriter from the importance and the many benefits of email marketing via Email copy. Looking at the exposition above, there is no gainsaying that one would come to the right conclusion that Email copywriters are the sales engineer.

As such, it is important that you hand over the copywriting of your follow up emails to these sales engineers so that they can give your internet business a Midas touch and increase your ROI while you focus on other important parts of your business.

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